Equipment for trail run

Trail running is a bit diffrent from city running. If you need a help in the city, it would be easy to find someone to ask. However, in the mountain, you would do by yourselves basically if something happened. Of course, our marshals are always standing by though. That's why you need to prepare some equipment for trail run, then carry them in your packs.

DANGERS you might face during race

Dehydration: Make sure that you drink plenty of water and use hydration mix. Please carry your hydration packs by yourselves (at least 1 litter for 51k, 500ml for 25k) .

Steep sections: Be aware and watch out for dangers. Slow down and take care. Running poles and running shoes for trail may help you in those sections.

Sun: Please make sure that you are protected against the sun. Wear sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses.

Under-eating: It is easy to forget to eat on a long run when you are tired. Do not do this. Remember to keep eating. Bring your energy bar, gel, or nuts.


DON'T use NEW equipment for the race day.if you are NOT well-versed in dealing with these equipment, you might have a trouble in the case. During your daily training, try and test these equipment. If you need these equipment in Myanmar, Sports Gear Traiding ,and X- sport outdoor gear will help you.

And we require you to carry a fully charged phone, preferably a smart phone with gps capacity on the run. If your battery is poor you may need to carry a power bank. Although phone/internet reception is patchy it is still possible in various spots along the route. You should be able to use your GPS map off-line along the route as it is not dependent on the internet

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