Beginners Training Guide for 12k (6)

Week 6 – nearly there!

Not sure whether it’s just me, but the last few days have seemed a ‘little cooler’ or is that just wishful thinking? It’s amazing when your outside exercising, whether running, walking or biking, how much more you often notice small changes in the weather. This morning as I ran, there was a slight breeze along the Kabar Aye side of the lake. It was so refreshing to feel it on my face and to feel some of the sweat drying on my back. Such a welcome change.

Your KTR Team are hoping you are beginning to enjoy some of the changes perhaps your feeling as a result of your regular exercise. Certainly as you now continue to increase the level of exercise you are doing, it should becoming more easy and with the ‘cooler’ weather, more enjoyable. Take a moment to pause and consider how you feel now compared to 6 weeks ago. What changes in your body, eating/drinking patterns and sleep patterns have you noticed? Are you feeling more positive about life in general, feeling perhaps a lift to your mood and confidence knowing that you are meeting your goals and getting healthier? Your KTR Team are hoping that there have been some positive changes for you over the last few weeks and that at the end of this program, you will continue to regularly exercise.

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