Beginners Training Guide for 12k (4)

Sorry for late updating! Welcome back to the fourth instalment of your Kalaw 12k Training Guide. Well done for reaching the halfway point in this 8 week program. With only 4 weeks remaining until the KTR on December 8th our hope is that you are by now a little fitter, not feeling too sore, and beginning to enjoy some of the benefits of regular exercise.

Last week we spoke briefly about motivation and provided some simple tips on how to stay motivated in the short-term. It’s not uncommon for people at this stage of an exercise program to begin to feel a little tired, perhaps have competing priorities that push their time for exercise further and further away. STAY WITH IT! -you’ve put in 3 weeks of great effort and work, gone through that painful stage of perhaps beginning or restarting regular exercise, don’t give up!

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