2020 Kalaw  25K, 12K & 4K Events


December 12 @ 7:00am (25K), 7:15am (12K) & 7:45am (4K) 
Event Location: Kalaw Heritage Hotel, Kalaw 


2020 sees the 5th staging of the Kalaw Trail Run (KTR). As well as being able to offer Myanmar's first Ultra marathon trail run this year, we are equally excited about the staging of the 3 other events that make up the KTR weekend. The previous 21K event has been extended to 25K and takes in the first 12K of the new Ultra marathon trail and offers increased challenge matched with some stunning scenery. The 12K has been "tweaked" to ensure it offers sufficient challenge to runners and walkers while taking in some of Kalaw's nearby trails. Based on feedback from participants from previous KTR events we are pleased to be able to offer for the first time a 4K Fun Run. Although designed for the younger runner and potential champions of the future, its open to all ages, both runners and walkers. We even believe it's quite possible to complete this event pushing a pram if needed. It's been pleasing to watch the KTR grow bigger and better each year, with more runners taking part. In 2018 it was terrific to see not only many runners from all over the world joining the event but as importantly, a large increase in the number of Myanmar nationals taking part. In fact the Myanmar runners accounted for nearly 50% of total participants, which just shows the huge interest in running emerging in this country and the desire of of people to get fit and healthy. 

All of these runs start and finish at the Kalaw Heritage Hotel. The 25K trail follows the first 12K of the Ultra marathon route, leaving the start and winding its way gently up 4km of small roads on the edge of Kalaw before entering the hills and trails. This first 12K of this run is also one of the routes commonly used by walkers trekking to Inle Lake. With a total elevation of 1167m and the highest point reaching 1514m this new course take you through some amazing scenery before joining the 12km trail and returning back to the finish via rice fields, a model farm and  several stream crossings.

The 12K trail leaving the start, the run gently climbs up towards the military compound before turning hard right just before the gate and heads up a short sharp uphill section. Once past the military compound the run joins the trails and enters the nearby hills. With a total elevation of 382m and its highest point being 1408m it's ideal for both runners and walkers alike. Joining the 24K trail at the halfway point and a handy water station, the back end of the trail takes you through rice fields, over several streams before making its way back to the finish.

The 4KM although designed for the younger runner and potential champions of the future, its open to all ages, both runners and walkers. We even believe it's quite possible to complete this event pushing a pram if needed. This event hopes to encourage kids (and parents) to get outside and go on a small adventure. To get hot and sweaty while strengthening heart, lung and muscles. It's also hoped that participants will see some of the Kalaw township that they would not normally visit. While the course does not go on any real trails (they are just that bit further away), it does have some gentle inclines and declines, takes you across small bridges and over railway lines. We believe it's pram friendly albeit involving a small detour to avoid some stairs.


So please read on for all relevant  event information. If you still have questions by the end of this document please don't hesitate to contact us via email: kalaw.trail.run@gmail.com

See you on Saturday 12th December 2020

KTR Organising Committee.

Maps and Information
25K trail run

Course Elevation: 1,167m

PDF Route Map: 25K  

GPX Route Map:25K 

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12K trail run/walk

Course Elevation: 392m

PDF Route Map: 12K  

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4K Fun run/walk

PDF Route Map: 4K  

GPX Route Map: 4K

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 All Events Handbook (Uploaded 23/10)

Start Times


7:00am sharp!

Race Briefing at 6:30am (both 25K and 12K)


7:15am sharp!

Race Briefing at 6:30am (both 25K and 12K)

4K Funrun

7:45am sharp!

Race Briefing at 7:30am


  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have any mandatory gear as noted in the Event Handbook when you arrive for the start

  • 25K You need to be carrying 500mls of water at the start of the race and this should be refilled at each water station

  • 25K runners must ensure that their Bib numbers are checked off as they pass through the first (12K) checkpoint

  • Failure to abide by these guidelines and those in the Event Handbook will result in disqualification

Bib Collection


Bib collection will be available on Friday 11th December from 10:00am to 8:00pm at the Kalaw Heritage Hotel and also for late comers on race day at 6.00am.

Bag Drop

Runners are welcome to leave a labelled bag with clean clothes, food etc at the Bag Drop Off Point  near the Start/Finish line. Whilst all care will be taken, please avoid placing any valuables in your bags.

We have ensured that water, 100 Plus, and some fruit is available at each checkpoint. You are responsible for carrying any additional food such as gels, bars nuts, electrolytes that you wish to consume during the run/walk.